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The Lionfish for TJ’s and Driftwood’s Dinner is Being Held in Customs

This lionfish doesn't look too happy about being in customs (via
This lionfish doesn’t look too happy about being in customs (via

So, uh, no lionfish dinner tonight. I know this event quickly sold out and a bunch of you were looking forward to eating these pretty-looking things, but the lionfish are not in Dallas. I repeat: the lionfish are still wading through customs.

These little buggers are supposedly harming the Atlantic and Caribbean ecosystems by eating up the good organisms that live in coral reefs, so Omar Flores (Driftwood), Jon Alexis (TJ’s), and Dave Johnson (Traditional Fisheries) cooked up this dinner idea to eliminate some of the lionfish, while also teaching people about this Gulf problem.

Anyway, that’s not happening tonight, like it was scheduled. A new dinner date will be announced either tomorrow or Wednesday.