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Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Dallas Restaurants With a Long, Stable History

Man. I’ve just been posed with one of the more difficult questions I’ve encountered in these last two years on the job.

A balding gentleman asks, “How many Dallas restaurants—like New York Sub near SMU—have had the same location, same owner for 40 years or more?”

(Side note: New York Subs will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on Feb. 1, 2014. Ken Harkness is the happy owner.)

  • Jeff

    Jimmy’s Italian Market on Bryan & Fitzhugh has been in business for over 40yrs.
    Owned and operated by the Di Carlo Family. The father, James Di Carlo passed away last year.
    Now run by his sons Paul and Mike.
    “Best” Italian Market in the Metroplex by far. Check out the wonderful Italian Wine Selection … it can’t be beat !