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Prominent Member of the Original El Chico Corporation, Frank X. Cuellar, Jr. Died Jan. 4, 2014

Frank X. Cuellar, Jr., son of Frank Cuellar Sr. one of the five Mama’s Boys who founded El Chico, passed away on Saturday. He was 84.

The accomplishments of this family are astounding. The Cuellar family laid the foundation of the Tex-Mex culture in Dallas. Frank X. Jr. played a huge role in their success. Determined to get Tex-Mex to the soldiers, Frank started a frozen foods division of El Chico Corporation and exported Tex-Mex canned and frozen to 22 states and oversees. He also took the company public on the NYSE in 1968. The 172,000-share offering of common stock made the Mama’s Boys millionaires.

You can read about Frank X. Cuellar, Jr. here and here. The next time you bite into an enchilada anywhere in Dallas, take a moment to remember Frank. I’m headed to El Corazon in Oak Cliff.