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Franconia Brewing Co. Capitalizes on Dallas’ Cold Weather to Create Eisbock Beer

via Franconia's Facebook page
via Franconia’s Facebook page

16 hours ago, owner Dennis Wehrmann posted this little note on Franconia Brewing Co.’s Facebook page:

So we decided today due to the cold weather to go back in time. As far as when beer was still delivered in horse carigiages. One day they loaded the beer the night befor delivery and it got so cold over night that the beer froze. All the kegs where frozen and just the conzentraded alcohol stayed behind. The punishment was that the brewer had to drink it. Well the ice bock was born. At a brewery was called Reichelbreu in Kulmbach. The weather should be perfect to recap this in 2014 with our winter wheat ( a dark wheat double bock) so here are our kegs sitting outside and if we get the result we want this beer will be available at one of our next tours. Stay tuned.

Looks like Wehrmann’s doing something positive with this cold @$$ weather situation we’re having. Eisbock, a specialty beer in Kulmbach, Germany, isn’t something we see very often in Texas. It’s made from partially freezing a doppelbock, removing the solid block of ice, and leaving a higher concentration of alcohol inside. It’s supposed to be more rich, caramelized, and roasted in flavor. This is pretty exciting, given that Dallas isn’t the kind of city you’d imagine making eisbock.

Let’s all hope Wehrmann’s experiment works. And if it does, well, see you all at the next Franconia tour.