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SideDish Survey: How Many Times a Week Do You Dine Out?

money_foodI overheard a conversation  in a doctor’s office on Walnut Hill and Center. It went something like this:

 Woman: Have you eaten at that breakfast place across the street? (Crossroads Diner)

Man: Oh, yes. I eat there at least four times a week.

 Woman: You eat breakfast out four times a week.

Man: Maybe more. My wife leaves home early.

 Woman: My husband doesn’t like to spend money in restaurants.

 Man: Well, my wife and I would starve. We eat almost every meal out.

I was about to butt in and ask the man where he ate, but he got called in to see the doctor. It was a brief, but interesting, encounter and it made me wonder how many times the average (not you, The Brad) dine out. And if you have your credit card bill handy, how much do you spend?