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Henderson Tap House to Open in January With a Lengthy Dress Code

hendersonA loyal Disher snapped a photo this morning. Henderson Tap House, “a full-service sports bar,” is going into the space formerly known as Horne & Dekker and Snack. The website says:

Known for our vibrant nightlife with live entertainment, Legendary Happy Hour Parties, a Gastro Pub infused Menu, and Late Night Brick Oven Pizzas, Henderson Tap House also boasts a huge selection of local and craft beers, your favorite local spirits, and our housemade speciality [sic] cocktails. Whether you stop by for a drink, dinner, or to let loose and party, you are always welcome at Tap House! Come visit our extra-large covered patio and our 7000 sq. ft. sports bar with a vast amount of TV’s to watch your favorite team.

Here’s an interesting spin on a sports bar: A dress code. Dig it: “If you entered before 9pm and are out of dress code you may be asked to leave.” Interesting for a spot with an “I’d tap that” tagline. I take it tiny dresses are encouraged. For the rest of you, the guidelines for dismissal are below.

Update: Tim McEvilly, managing partner of Henderson Tap House sends this note:

We deserved to be called out for posting that dress code online.  We are just opening and our website is a work in progress and are built with carried over information that we keep or get rid of which is no excuse, and we had already planned to take that information down, completely. Now that your story has come out we are taking care of that, immediately!

Though we don’t think we are in the wrong for having a dress code or even the extent that is but we do understand we don’t need to have it posted on our website and is really only for management and security to handle.  We don’t want a dress code to be the focus of what we are bringing to the Henderson Ave. area and believe we have a lot to offer and we will be unique to the area.  We have a great space being built that will be sports centric and will have  a great party environment with good music and people.  It will also offer what we believe a great simple menu with wood fire pizza being the focus,  good drink specials with simple great cocktails & a list of great local and craft beers. All being a work in progress which we still have a month or more to refine.

If you entered before 9pm and are out of dress code you may be asked to leave.

Baseball caps are allowed but must be turned FORWARD

No Beanies or Bandanas

No Sunglasses unless it is sunny out

No “Colors” or Patches linked with Group Affiliations

No Excessively Long or Baggy Clothes

Pardon me, Sir Gangster? Your trousers are descending

No Gym Shorts

No large chains, jewelry, etc.

No chain wallets or chains hanging from pants

No work boots (Tims, Lugz, etc.)

No Jerseys (only allowed on game day)

No Under Shirts (White T’s) or Cutoff Sleeves

Only 1 Tapout Shirt per Group

You can wear Affliction or Ed Hardy, but we may laugh


  • Yody

    How are they known for their legendary parties and vibrant nightlife if they haven’t opened yet?

  • conservexx

    No uggs ever

  • Jill

    Yody, I was thinking the EXACT same thing.
    What a JOKE this place is already.

  • BradfordPearson

    I broke three of these rules just walking into work today.

  • debdoingdallas

    Breaking News: Bullies Open Bar on Henderson Avenue.

  • Greg Brown

    Couldn’t they just summarize it to “This is the kind of place that attracts louts, thugs and oafs, but we won’t let them in.” I give them six months.

  • Greg Brown

    Couldn’t they just summarize it to “This is the kind of place that attracts louts, thugs and oafs, but we will ask them to leave after 9pm.” I give them six months.

  • Spöke

    I saw this sign before but it just said “Whites Only”

  • Greg Brown

    BTW, I let them know what I thought about their “dress code” on Facebook. I encourage you all to do the same.

  • Michael Merriman

    I thinks it’s gutsy. Not like Navy SEAL gutsy, but like the guy-who-doesn’t-know-sign-language-pretending-like-he-does at the Nelson Mandela memorial service gutsy.

  • Divanora

    And the countdown begins to see how long this “dress-code enforced” sports bar lasts.

  • Emz2

    A woman could easily break all of these rules and still get in.

  • DDD

    At first blush, I thought the dress code thing was a deal killer. Then I read the list. If they could enforce this, I’d be there more often. :)

  • KJB

    Doesnt say anything about assless leather chaps!