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The Loon Must Move to a New Location in Dallas

The Loon prepares to fly.

According to a loyal Disher with a bod for gin and tonics and a brain for scoopage, The Loon, one of the most revered bars in Dallas, is looking for a new location. Why? The land the building sits on was sold to make way for a new CVS Pharmacy. A cursory Google search shows there are already 935 CVS locations in Dallas. Do we really need another? I could argue we would not need so many pharmacies if we had more bars like The Loon. A recent independent study conducted by a senior research analyst shows that stiff drinks and a friendly staff relieve the symptoms of a common cold better than Nyquil.

Dallas just lost an iconic bartender, Louis Canelakes, who learned his trade behind the bar at Joe Miller’s, the bar that preceded The Loon. Canelakes was a young, cocky bartender at Joe Miller’s until the death of Miller in 1985. Canelakes started his own place, Louie’s, and Joe Miller’s widow sold the business to the current owner, Cliff Gonzalez.

Where will Gonzales take The Loon? He has to be out of the building by March 31, 2014. Developing.

Update: Owner Cliff Gonzales just called. He has three or four options for a new location. He plans to stay in the same part of town. Gonzales promises one wingdinger of a going away party in March. Stay tuned.