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Restaurant Scam in Dallas: Ladies Watch Your Purses

scamThere are some smooth operators making their way around some swanky dining establishments in Dallas. Here is the gist of their scam. They choose restaurants with cramped seating, especially back-to-back two tops. Two “people” enter and are seated at one. One of them maneuvers a woman’s purse off a chair or out from underneath her chair or table and nonchalantly proceeds to a restroom. They photograph credit cards and IDs and return the purse.

One victim told me she discovered her purse was missing and went to the hostess stand. On the way back to her table, she almost tripped over her bag,which was dumped on the floor. She noticed the customers seated behind her were gone. She checked her purse and found everything in place. Yesterday, almost a month later, she checked her credit card statement and found charges for other restaurants on her card.

So, watch it. Restaurants are full of people celebrating and not paying attention. If this has happened to you, we’d love to hear about your experience.

4 comments on “Restaurant Scam in Dallas: Ladies Watch Your Purses

  1. They stole her information and just used it for other restaurants? How did a photo morph into a card? If they created a card (which takes some pretty technical equipment), again, they only used it at restaurants? No Best Buy shopping extravaganza? No jewelry store-to-pawn shop trade ins for easy cash?

  2. This was a clutch – no strap. What to do then? Too cluttered to put four on a table. I always thought UNDER the chair would work. Not the case.

  3. JustMe – they photographed the credit card to get the number and the expiration date. They might have written the information down, I don’t see how the writer of this article knew the cards were photographed.