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Bowen’s Café Expresso is Now Peak Restaurant in Dallas

There has been another change in the space formerly known as Café Expresso. Original owner Dieter Paul, perhaps one of the most charming restaurateurs ever in Dallas, relinquished ownership of Café Express in early 2012. The name changed to Bowen’s Café Expresso and Paul showed up from time to time to cook and greet his long list of loyal customers. Last March, consultant/chef Tiffany Derry spent a some time in the kitchen reworking the menu.

This morning I noticed a new sign above the door at 6135 Luther Lane. It simply says: Peak. I made a quick call, and as soon a the nice lady answered the phone I could hear the hum of customers in the background. “Peak,” she said. I apologized for calling during the lunch rush but asked if she could give me a few details. There is a new owner, Mike Johnson, who is out of the country until tomorrow. The Bowen’s menu is in place but will change soon.