Another Bill McCrorey Restaurant Bites the Dust: Rare in The Shops at Park Lane is Closed

I was contacted by a man who stopped into Rare Restaurant and Lounge Tuesday and found owner Bill McCrorey and crew closing down. The opulent, two-story restaurant has been in financial trouble since they opened, and a former employee has filed a lawsuit to recover unpaid compensation and health care insurance. The source says they were moving out “TVs, furniture, flowers, and anything else they could carry.” McCrorey was paying some of the staff with cash. “Bill told me they lost their liquor license,” the source says. “From my understanding some investors are taking it over (Keith Black), the guy that used to own Club Blue.”  McCrorey promised he would pay anyone he owes money to as soon as the sale of Rare is completed.

McCrorey has operated many restaurants in Dallas including Republic, Las Colinas Prime, and Blackfinn American Saloon. He recently put his 11,452-square foot home on Hathaway in Old Preston Hollow on the market for $5.5 million.



13 comments on “Another Bill McCrorey Restaurant Bites the Dust: Rare in The Shops at Park Lane is Closed

  1. Yeah real surprise here. I got screwed by Bill several years ago. His VRG office was a joke. They are professional liars. I’m sure he’ll show up somewhere else with a new group of suckers

  2. That home is a mess. One of the bedrooms for children looks as if a stripper-pole was once part of the ensemble.

  3. I go out to eat at least five times a week, and I have never even heard of this place. What was its location in the shopping center? How long was it open?

  4. What a convenient fiction you write. Bringing in plants to avoid having them die in the potential freeze doesn’t equal carrying things off. I’m pretty positive that your source, as usual, doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  5. Way to give out completely false and twisted information. I work at Rare. I was there last night, all the furniture is still there, TVs on the wall (built into them btw) and on Tuesday the plant service was there moving the plants in so that they wouldn’t die in the cold. This Bill McCrorey was no where in the building so your guy is a liar. There was some cash paid to employees…It was our TIPS paid to us by our manager from the weekend. Carrying off flowers? really? anything we could carry? What a fucking lie… Are you a journalist or just a tabloid rag writer? I assume the later.

  6. they absolutely know what they are talking about! You apparently aren’t too familiar with Bill and his bullshit….and he clearly doesn’t owe you a ton of money like he does to so many people. It is deplorable how they run business and treat people! People like him ruin other peoples lives.

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  8. Seeing this article truly made my day, week, month and year!!! When he bought blackfinn he ran us in to the ground trying to get Rare open before he went broke! He owes most of the staff money from their last checks and I know this will make their days as well!!!! He’s a piece of trash that treats his employee’s like they owe HIM something for having the opportunity to make HIM money! I’m truly happy to see that place fail!!!!

  9. if fiction then where Keanu Reeves play part of dumb dallas d bag? Bill McCrory make Dallas look like more redneck Las Vegas. Great Korea no want more Las Vegas.