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D: The Cookbook is Here Just in Time for the Holidays


The first shipment of D: The Cookbook arrived last week, and our office went entirely bonkers drooling over the cover. The entire thing, inside and out, makes a beautiful Christmas gift and pretty eye-candy for your coffee table.

(Or not. You could always buy one for yourself and decide not share.)

Tim Rogers jumped the gun and already started cooking from this beautiful recipe book last weekend. Things didn’t quite turn out as he planned. He’s written a cautionary tale over on FrontBurner for all you parents with young kids out there. You should read it.

Before you do, though, order yourself a copy of D: The Cookbook online. It’s a steal at $14.95, it has recipes from your favorite Dallas chefs, and proceeds benefit Cafe Momentum. What’s not to love?


11 comments on “D: The Cookbook is Here Just in Time for the Holidays

  1. Carol,

    Any idea when the preorders will ship? Or should I just go steal Tim’s copy that he no longer has a use for?

  2. A lot of the pre-orders should’ve already shipped from the printer directly to people’s doors. That’s what they’re telling me. But stealing is condoned.

  3. Speaking of Cafe Momentum, did any of the D Sidedish team go to CFF yesterday? If so, were you there like me to enjoy or to work?

  4. If it’s not in my mailbox by Friday, I’ll be travelling over to little forest hills for a personal visit to the former editor.

  5. You can buy them at places like Whole Foods and Central Market, but no bookstores that I know of. Easiest way is to purchase online.

  6. I received my copy of D: The Cookbook over the weekend. How delighted I was in the recipes and beautiful photographs. However, I was very disappointed in the font size that was chosen. I find it very difficult to read. I realize this was probably due to keeping the cost down but I would I have preferred paying a little more and having something much easier to read. Otherwise…..beautiful!

  7. It really is a beautiful cookbook and I cannot wait to try out some of those delicious recipes. I am a huge supporter of Café Momentum so I am very excited about the whole thing!