Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Best Bagels in Dallas

Pulse_bagelI realize we have had this conversation several times in the past and printed a story,”Bagel Hell,” in D Magazine. However, times have changed and I feel we should welcome him to the area and shower him with suggestions.

Six weeks ago I was living in my apartment in New York and going to work every day. I’ve worked at my job for fifteen years. I had my food routine down. Two weeks ago my company reassigned me to Dallas. I came down last weekend to find an apartment and will be returning soon. What is the bagel scene in Dallas? I’m a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn.

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  1. Tom Thumb Preston/Forest has a large selection of kosher breads. They are baked onsite, and quite honestly I think the lady who runs that bakery does a great job.

  2. I’ve had some OK ones at a few places around town, but I’m interested to see if anyone’s managed to find any really exceptional bagels in DFW.

  3. It’s near impossible to get the same quality of bread here. Something about the PH balance in the water. Goes for everything: loaves, pizza, bagels. *SIGH*

  4. Cindi’s bagels are decent, but they’re not amazing. I’ll gladly eat a Cindi’s bagel, but I don’t ever find myself craving one.

  5. Deeper problem is the lack of Jewish delis in Dallas. I think Deli News is the last independent left, along with Cindi’s. Bagelsteins, Gilbert’s, Ed’s, Stern’s, Gio’s, Roasters & Toasters, ZInsky’s, etc are all gone. Some of them didn’t even make it a year. How can we have good bagels if we don’t have delis? I’ve been reading Save the Deli which isn’t even that old and reading about how great Katz’s in Austin was. (It’s been gone since January 2011) What would we have to do to get an outpost of Kenny & Ziggy’s? They were looking at a spot here in 2010 but it fell through.

  6. Please! Enough mishegas! Take it from a Yiddisher maven originally from Brooklyn. Be a mentsh and with all due haste take your tuchas to Deli-News at Campbell and Preston and nosh on the best NY deli and bagels this side of the Hudson.

  7. “What would we have to do to get an outpost of Kenny & Ziggy’s?” Probably find them a restaurant space with rent for $20 psf, low CAM, low taxes in a target market.

  8. “Honorary” Jewish, Catholic girl from LI, here. I’d have to say Benny’s is the closest thing you’ll find. When I first moved here, there was NOTHING except the sad excuse of what I’d like to call “kaiser rolls with holes” found in such places as Einsteins. Blah. Central Market has decent ones if you’re in there, as well as lox and whitefish salad spread and good liver wurst.

  9. Also, there used to be a good, authentic deli in the Preston/Forest shopping center but it’s gone now. Does anyone know if it’s reopened somewhere?? They even had black and white cookies!

  10. This brooklyn girl says Deli News (Campbell and Preston). Run by a REAL Russian Jew. Doesn’t that tell you something. HThey even have “biayli’s”! Eistein’s bagels on Preston just south of beltline is ok for Bagels, especially early in them orning when they’re really fresh.
    But DELI NEWS for everything delish.

  11. Bennys….. otherwise my blisters have blisters from searching the Dallas area.

    Luckily (perhaps) 4me I travel to South Florida one week every month and return to Dallas with my bags full o’bagels from the most NY-like bagel baker I’ve found who still boils before baking and makes my fav seeded rye bagel…lol
    At times the goy TSA agents have bothered me like perhaps my round bagels were subversive materials but lately they let me pass unchallenged. .