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Sandwich-Gate: Highland Park Middle School Allows New York Sub and Chick-fil-A to Sell Food in School

Hey, moms! Here's an idea!
Hey, moms! Here’s an idea!

The Sandwich-gate scandal is still raging over at Highland Park Middle School. Last month, we told you about the parents who were peeved because the school’s cafeteria was under construction and there was no food prep on campus. The school district asked parents to send prepared lunches to school with their kids until the facility was completed. We heard from several busy moms who didn’t have time to take care of the chore and then the hysteria died down.

Until yesterday. Dan “The Captain” Koller published an update for Park Cities People: Middle School Cafeteria to Sell New York Sub and Chick-fil-A. According to Koller:

Laurie Hitzelberger, principal of HPMS and MIS, said the joint campus of 2,200 students has been dealing with more than 100 meal deliveries each day, despite a warning before the start of the semester that such parcels from parents would not be permitted.The school sent out an email to parents three days ago:  “Late lunch deliveries of any kind will no longer be accepted. This means any type of lunch — homemade or otherwise.”

You tell them, Ms. Hitzelberger. To avoid the untimely disruptions by delivery services, the school has brokered a deal with New York Sub and Chick-fil-A. The restaurants each get one day to deliver $5 sandwiches; the other three days, meal-less kids can purchase a turkey sandwich. Check out Dan’s story. He’s got the situation covered.