Beecon, Our Food Truck Finder Map, is Shutting Down

We are sad to tell you that Beecon, the service that provided the interactive food truck finder, is going to shut down. This is the last active week. Martin Nguyen from the San Francisco area developed the software behind Beecon, with local support by Vince Nguyen and Nicole Webber. SideDish established a relationship with Beecon over a year ago to provide the raw data for Dallas and some of the Ft. Worth food trucks. Unfortunately, though, Nguyen is going to begin working with a hot new startup and will not have time to continue Beecon, a service that never charged anyone money for the iPad app or for the browser-based Beecon.

Martin, Vince, and Nicole: Thank you for your time and energy in support of the Dallas and Ft. Worth food truck market. It has been a great working relationship.

Going forward, I will still use the tabular schedule. In place of the map, I plan on featuring a different food truck each week.