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Owner of Ten Bells Tavern Verbally Thrashes an Annoying Yelper

Ten Bells' fish and chips (photography by Ariel Gonzalez)
Ten Bells’ fish and chips (photography by Ariel Gonzalez)

We just praised Ten Bells Tavern for its creamy Swiss mac ‘n’ cheese in our September “Comfort Food” issue, but now we’ve gotta hand it to owner Meri Dahlke for her very public and very appropriate thrashing of Mark G. on every restaurateur’s favorite website, Yelp. Gawker saw the news and posted it today for the nation to see.

The rude dude wrote:

I live in Oak Cliff and really wanted to like this place.  But, frankly, it smells.  Maybe if you sit outside you can’t smell the nastiness, but inside is gross.  It smells like it has been there for 50 years and never been clean, but it is a newer place.  Some of the staff look cracked out.  Looks like something you’d find a seedy part of town.  I will avoid this place in the future.  There are plenty of other places in the area to have a better experience.”

I don’t know what Markypants is smoking, but Ten Bells is NOT gross compared to some sketchy little joints I’ve been in. The bathroom’s actually quite clean. And, oddly enough, his review sounds eerily similar to his yelping of Oak Cliff Social Club, which starts off with: “I live in Oak Cliff, and wanted to like this place.  But, I went on a Friday night with friends after dinner.  This place is terrible.  The bartenders have major attitude which does not fit in Oak Cliff…”

(Yo, bro. Maybe you should live in Uptown if you think Oak Cliff sucks?)

Anyway, Dahlke sticks the guy a good one with this sassy response:

Hi Mark G.
Thank you so much for the valuable input. Quick question for you!

Which part made it smell worse? The part where we didn’t serve you any alcohol or the part where you harassed the female staff by exposing your chest hair in lieu of showing your ID? Next time you want a Miller Lite, please bring the appropriate ID that is required when you go to a bar and we’ll gladly serve you.

Thanks for sticking up for your ladies, Dahlke. If there was ever a Hall of Fame for people who don’t take crap from flashers, you’d definitely be in it.