Al Biernat’s Raised $37,224 During DFW Restaurant Week 2013

dfw-restaurant-week-640x480-300x225Back in July, I asked whether Dallas was tired of Central Market’s Restaurant Week. Most of you complained up the wazoo about poor service and food. There was a strong consensus of YESSSSSSSS ringing through the comments sections. But even though there’s a crap ton of grumpy bunnies who would prefer to take a bath with skin-searing magma than participate in Restaurant Week, it looks like a good chunk of Dallas still does it. Yep. Sounds like that yearly period of food craze is really good for our local charities. A portion of this year’s proceeds went toward the North Texas Food Bank and Lena Pope Home in Fort Worth. We don’t have a final tally on how much has been donated to the organizations yet, but here’s a little snippet that we’ve received:

The twenty five days of “Restaurant Week” have ended, and Al Biernat’s is giving the North Texas Food Bank $37,224.  This is the most that we have ever raised for the Food Bank, and the credit can go to those responsible for the guidelines in which restaurant’s can participate.  The $45 menu option for the high end restaurant options (like Al’s) brought more money to the charity, since the price change did not change the amount of volume we did previous years, but it increased the amount donated per plate, up from $7 to $9.  Regardless of the fact that lunch was not very popular last year for restaurant week, they kept it as an option another year and we signed up again.  This year was much more successful (more than double the covers of last year), and I’m sure it will continue to grow in years to come.

Al and I thought you may like to know the numbers.  It’s a great charity that our city’s restaurant’s and residents participate in every year.  If I remember correctly, it’s 4 meals served per every $1 given = 148,896 meals from our restaurant alone!

Have a great day,

Brad Fuller
General Manager
Al Biernat’s

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