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Pho House Opens Across From the Galleria on September 13

photography by Nancy Nichols
Detective Nancy Nichols spotted Pho House and took these snaps.

Even though the pho trend is quickly being replaced by ramen, this doesn’t mean Vietnamese noodles are ever going away. Dallas clearly loves them.

The proof is in the Galleria Village on the Green. Starting Friday, September 13, mall shoppers can slurp down a hearty bowl of soup at Pho House, which has taken over the old Aquadora space. The menu at Tommy and Kim Hoang’s restaurant promises a Vietnamese spring roll bar, a variety of banh mis (sandwiches), and bao buns (Asian tacos). The pho, says Tommy, ” is more of the authentic Vietnamese family traditional recipe. My wife knows how to make pho from her mom.”

From the website:

 Even though we offer four different varieties of soup, our beef noodle soup and chicken noodle soup are the mainstay at Pho House.  Our beef soup is slowly, carefully and consistently cooked for 9 hours and our chicken soup for 6 hours with immense amount of bones, fresh vegetable and healthy herbs and special spices to extract the perfect taste and flavor for everyone of our guest.

…As a result of this commitment, Pho House Dallas Guests will passionate about leading-edge menu items with unexpected twists, such as chicken tarragon spring roll with spinach sauce, lobster spring roll, Soba spring roll, Kobe beef spring roll, Tempura Shrimp spring roll, grilled salmon spring roll, tuna spring roll, trumpet mushroom spring roll, and so on . . . . .  And, of course, Pho House also serves some of the most popular vermicelli salad bowls with variety of grilled items like BunTthit Nuong (grill pork vermicelli), Bun Tom Nuong (grilled shrimp vermicelli) etc., and other items like papaya salad, Pad Thai, stir-fried and rice plate entrees.   But wait, there is also a dinner menu too for those who want to relax, enjoy few glasses of great wine with variety of appertizer at the bar or the table while waiting for great authentic Vietnamese dining experience. 

The Hoangs have coaxed Matt Robenson, a chef from Vegas, to lead their kitchen. And the restaurant is also serving Cafe du Monde coffee (as you can see in the photo above). “The coffee will be exact, but the beignets will not be the same. It’s not going to be big size; it’s going to be more modern and square.”

[Correction: We previously wrote that Pho House is opening inside the Galleria. It’s actually opening at the Village on the Green, across from the Galleria.]