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NYLO’s Soda Bar is Picture Perfect

The drinks are good here, but the view is better.(Photography by James Bland)
The drinks are good here, but the view is better.(Photography by James Bland)

Tara Nieuwesteeg files a report on NYLO’s Soda Bar

The first thing I noticed about Soda Bar, the lounge on the roof of NYLO Dallas South Side hotel, was the incredible southern view of the Dallas skyline. The second thing I noticed was that I couldn’t take five steps without stumbling into the snap of someone’s iPhone camera.
My companions and I had just darted from the elevators when we spotted a recently abandoned table near the rooftop railing. Before we even ordered drinks, we spotted something else: an endless parade of diverse partygoers, all seeking to immortalize their night at SODA via camera phone. One after another, ladies in their sharpest clubbing attire, nervous couples on first dates, tourists in sandals, downtown business types—all of them taking turns to pose for photos with the glowing cityscape behind them. We couldn’t—click—get through a sentence—click—without being distracted—click—by their flashing cameras—click. It seemed that the only people not taking photos were the two standing directly beside our table. Their sleepy, inebriated conversation soon led to an awkward make-out session that abruptly ended when he made an unwanted grab for her chest. Two tables down, a mid-30s man in linen pants smoked a cigar. To my left, a gorgeous woman in mile-high heels sat alone, sipping a yellow cocktail from an elegant fluted glass.

Stay with her.

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