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  1. We went to Austin last weekend. As a chef’s wife, I am always very defensive about the food scene in Dallas as I am a positive supporter of Dallas dining. But sheesh, Austin rocked! The food trucks… the night life..WOW! The food scene there has evolved so much in the last year. I am so impressed and a little bummed out for Dallas that we seem to lag behind. I think we are progressing, but we need to do better. We need less fine dining, more smaller exclusive places, walk ups and mom and pop shops, I hope we catch up soon.

  2. No fine dining this week due to kids leaving for college & other travel, but I did enjoy huge greek salad from Little Greek with a mound of gyro meat on top.

  3. Friday, Saturday, last two days to buy peaches at Ham’s in Terrell. Then they close until next May. Worth the 20 minute drive. Buy some brisket, buy some peaches, enjoy them all weekend.

  4. This week made me revisit one of my “food snob” rules—no convention hotel food (my other rule is no national chain restaurants). This month’s Café Momentum dinner was hosted by Texas Spice at the Omni Convention Center Hotel. We’re Café Momentum regulars, and supporting the cause of helping young men learn new, marketable skills is important to us. We were very impressed with Texas Spice. The space is warm and comfortable, and the food & service were fantastic. Chef Jason Weaver created an imaginative menu, perfectly executed by his team with the help of the Café Momentum young men. Passed apps included pork belly tacos with chimichurri and chipotle; chicken liver pate with summery cherry and kaffir lime and an amazing BBQ brisket empanada. The refreshing first course (tuna tartar over local watermelon with avocado) was followed by a plump, moist spice-dusted quail with a silky corn pudding I could eat every day. The main course of beef chuck flap (presented Filet Mignon-style) was accompanied by hickory smoked potatoes with a minted garlic jam. Dessert, a banana tres leche, was incredible (and I’m not a dessert girl), and everyone loved the signature Texas Spice chocolate chip cookies. Wine pairings, courtesy of Oak Cliff Cellars, were spot on. I was very impressed with the execution of every dish—not a flaw on any of them and everyone’s plate at our table held that same level of precision. This would be a great place for a large gathering but it still works for the small, leisurely or romantic dinner, too. We’ll be returning to Texas Spice soon to try the regular menu.

  5. Had our first dinner at Mot Hot Bai. They have done a great job with the space – cozy but not cramped, and nice seemingly authentic vietnamese touches (i say “seemingly” as i’ve never been, but felt authentic!). Love the esoteric wine and beer selections. All of the dishes were really polished. Great portions, well sauced, sauteed bok choy and sprig of fresh herb on plate. Flavors were awesome- shaking beef and caramel pork were electric! The best thing about this place is most vietnamese and thai places tend to have mediocre protein. THe chicken in the pho, the pork and the beef in the entrees was actual meat, recognizable parts of the animal! and not overcooked! Personally i love the effort they put into authenticity. pho is a breakfast/unch dish in vietnam, so they dont serve it at dinner. vietnamese desserts aren’t overly sweet, so neither are their’s. this is great. If you want each restaurant to meet your pre-existing expectations, how can we have variety? great work from a great restaurant team, really loved our meal.

  6. Central Market Royal Lane. Not their best effort. I went looking for ground veal and the butcher just pointed me in the prepared meat section where there was no ground veal. I told him that and he shrugged. The Lovers CM has awesome butchers and would grind it for me. Also, lots of moldy cheese there and long check out lines with slow checkers. This store must have the C team players. Sad.

  7. @dgirl — you’re so wrong about the Preston Royal CM. The butchers are fantastic and have helped me out so many times. I live across the street and am there a few times a week. It’s a wonderful store. I find it really hard to believe that you saw “lots of moldy cheese” — that’s ridiculous.

  8. Fabulous dinner at Neighborhood Services on Lovers. Always a great meal. So glad they do not do RW. I avoid RW spots. Too crazy. Like the charity aspect but too many reservations crammed into a short timeframe makes everyone cranky.

  9. What is it with Thai restaurants putting milk in their curries? We now have encountered 3 restaurants in Richardson and Plano that add milk to their curry. So there’s no more assuming that a traditionally dairy-free cuisine is safe. (The restaurants in question are Noodle Wave, Bambu, and now Zenna.)

  10. I agree with AmyS’ question as to wether the “milk” could not be coconut milk? I never heard of plain milk added to Thai food. Especially at Bambu.

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  13. JCB–Unlike you, I have tried Neighborhood Services on Lovers five times (yes, I believe in second, third, fourth chances) and have NEVER had an experience worth writing home about. One time the hostess was confused about the call ahead/arrive early policy, one time we had the “bad seats by the kitchen even though ten tables were empty” problem, and every single time I found the food average. Perhaps it’s because I try to order items on the fresh/healthy side of the spectrum, but I think this is the most over-hyped restaurant in all of Dallas. The menu is very average and not innovative. It’s easy to make decent food that’s bad for you. I will only return to join a group of friends that I really really want to see.