Taste Test Thursday: Flour Tortillas

The tortilla table (photography by Carol Shih)
The tortilla table (photography by Carol Shih)

With limited time on our hands, the Taste Test Thursday team bought four brands of flour tortillas from Central Market, Green Grocer, and Fiesta for this week’s experiment.

Before y’all skip to the bottom of this post and start haranguing me in the comments, hold up. I can already hear all your gripes. “You should’ve gone to [this or that] hole-in-the-wall taqueria at _____ Street and bought tortillas from there.” Yadda, yadda, yadda. I hear you. Feel free to throw your imaginary paper wads at me. I’ve already kicked myself in the foot for not doing that, so… yeah.

But at least we got to taste some good flour tortillas, anyway. And that’s what Taste Test Thursdays are all about. Peace. Love. And food.

Lots of stress on the word peace.

Jump with me now.



A. Central Market’s (Lovers Lane) flour tortillas (Dallas, TX)
B. El Milagro’s flour tortillas (National)
C. Green Grocer’s flour tortillas (Dallas, TX)
D. Marquez Bakery & Tortilla Factory (Arlington and Grand Prairie, TX)


Two interns, the web team, Rick Lopez, and a few other people I can’t remember. Obviously, they weren’t memorable. Suckas.


Tortilla A
Tortilla A

A. Central Market’s (Lovers Lane) flour tortillas

Taster 1 – Good texture! Tastes fresh, but salty
Taster 2 – light – like the dust of flour on the surface. kind of buttery.
Taster 3 – doughy, soft, can still taste the flour
Taster 4 – I like how it’s floury on the outside
Taster 5 – thicker, a little heavy in the mouth
Taster 6 –  too greasy

Tortilla B
Tortilla B

B. El Milagro’s flour tortillas (from Central Market)

Taster 1 – plain and dry
Taster 2 – dense. tastes like glue once it’s in your mouth awhile
Taster 3 – thinner, still pretty good.
Taster 4 – I don’t like how the outside is smooth. Tastes sour.
Taster 5 –  tasty, yet unobtrusive
Taster 6 — almost buttery

Tortilla C
Tortilla C

C. Green Grocer’s flour tortillas (from Green Grocer)

Taster 1 – a little sour, but I like it! Tastes fresh.
Taster 2 – rubbery. not bad.
Taster 3 –a little sour, less flavorful than the rest
Taster 4 – less sour than B.
Taster 5 – it’s a little sour.
Taster 6 – bland, chewy, like sourdough

Tortilla D
Tortilla D

D. Marquez Tortilla Factory (from Fiesta)

Taster 1 – same as B, except saltier
Taster 2 – buttery. nice toasted sections. I always prefer a toasted tortilla… not this one.
Taster 3 – harder, more commercial.
Taster 4 – thick and stiff
Taster 5 – very familiar. Mission?!
Taster 6 – tasteless and dry.


A. Central Market – 5 votes
B. El Milagro – 3 votes
C. Green Grocer – 0 votes
D. Marquez Tortilla Factory – 2 votes


Nobody really enjoyed Green Grocer’s tortillas because they had a sour quality to them, and Central Market won with 5 votes.