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The Best Nachos in Dallas?

mcnachosWe haven’t discussed nachos in a long time. I guess we have been too busy eating pork belly and octopus. Several commenters in last week’s edition of Food Feedback Friday mentioned nachos. It made me hungry.

Deciding where to spend your calories on nachos is important. There is nothing worse than risking weight gain for average or poor version. Once or twice a year, I choose a half-order of bean and cheese nachos topped with sliced tenderloin (86 the sour cream) at Mi Cocina. And you?


79 comments on “The Best Nachos in Dallas?

  1. 1)Smoked chicken nachos – Javier’s
    2)Fajita beef especial nachos – Uncle Julio’s
    3)Combo Mas Elegantes – Taco Diner

  2. It’s funny to see this thread bc I have been on a Nacho kick lately… Here are my Favs.

    1: Smoked Chicken Nachos – Javier’s
    2: Fajita Beef Especial Nachos – Uncle Julio’s
    3: Combo Mas Elegantes – Taco Diner

  3. Spiral Diner has incredible vegan nachos that even the meatiest meat eater would love!

  4. Those are THE best nachos, I always 86 the sour cream, but I order a side dish of extra jalapenos, for some reason, Mi Cocina really skimps on those.

  5. Spiral Diner has incredible vegan nachos that even the meatiest meat eater would scarf down!

  6. I would have to agree Mariano’s is the best spot to go to for this in particular

  7. Sour Cream Chicken Nachos at Café Gecko in Austin Ranch! They will change your life

  8. Love the Crazy Nachos at Herrera’s on Maple. They are my go to for the occasional nacho craving.

  9. Chicken and beef combo at Javier’s with extra pickled jalapenos are amazing, close lead to the same MiCo nachos you mention.

  10. Oh, and shockingly the nachos at the Owner’s Box at the Omni are an amazing nacho. Guess I didn’t narrow it down much.

  11. A true nacho is just tortilla chips, cheddar cheese with pickled japs on the top. They are warmed up in the oven at home. What I see above is a tostada. The nacho is ultimate WT snack usually eaten at home when no one is looking.

  12. Wait, they closed? Where have I been? I drive by there 2-3 times a week! Was it recent? They do have some awesome chicken nachos!

  13. Javier’s Smoked Chicken Nachos! Get them and share with the table. You won’t feel as guilty ordering another item!

  14. Best steak nachos at La Hacienda Ranch on Preston Rd., with steak fajita meat cooked over Mesquite for great flavor.

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  16. the best nacho’s are the CRAZY NACHO’S at HERRA”S Denton Dr. or MAPLE Locations. Linda O.

  17. I agree texas is the only state with 6 cups on a plate and try’s to call them nachos I’m missing realy nacho can’t find any in dallas just fake tex mex