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The Best Burger in Dallas? I Picked Liberty Burger

The Liberty Burger (Photography by The Kevin)
The Liberty Burger (Photography by The Kevin)

Not long after our August issue, featuring the cover story “The Best of Big D,” hit the newsstands, I started getting emails from burger lovers. Most of them disagreed with my pick: Liberty Burger. One asked to me explain how/why I chose them. I will do my best.

I don’t know about you, but I have burger moods. Sometimes I like a simple greaseburger: a thin patty topped with mustard, pickles, and fresh onions. These burgers remind me of those of my childhood with frozen patties and Mrs. Baird’s buns. (Anyone remember The Pancake Corral in Preston Forest Shopping Center (Mercury is in the space now and Youngblood’s Fried Chicken was a few doors down)? I went to the Pancake House for burgers. And Red Rawley Pharmacy, also in PF. Sorry, I digress.

Today we have so many gourmet burger options. I like Goodfriend, Maple and Motor, Angry Dog, Stackhouse, and Wingfield’s. However, most of these places use too much meat on one burger. The ratio of meat to bun is not even. However, on occasion, or if a really good friend of mine has a hangover, I will go to Maple & Motor.

Liberty Burger fills my needs consistently. Plus, I like their eco-friendly environment and the fact that they us tree-free compostable napkins and packaging. The meat (tenderloin, chuck, and brisket) is fresh and proportionate to the baked-in-house buns. And their custard shakes are the perfect pick me up after a long Lowe’s run.

As long as I’m in honest mode, I’ll admit to hitting In-N-Out a couple of times a year. But only when I’m in my rare Single Animal-Style mood. And you don’t want to know me then.