Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Buying the Best Cookware in Dallas

The best pot in my house.
The best pot in my house.

This young Disher is getting married and starting a new life with her husband. They both love to cook and have a chance to register for their dream cookware. Their problem? They don’t know what their dream cookware is. Hear her type:

Hi! Nancy! I love your blog and readers. I am getting married in December (Christmas!!!!) and my fiancee and I are getting ready to do our bridal registry. We are both foodies and love to cook. What kind of cookware do you use? What is the best out there? Maybe you can ask your readers for their opinions!!! Thanks for even reading this!!!

The obvious answer is to send them to several stores and have them handle different brands of cookware. I have a hodgepodge collection of Anolon, Le Creuset, and Calphalon.  I prefer the Le Creuset sauce pans over those made by Calphalon. I find the Le Creuset skillets and sauce pans too heavy to maneuver especially since I am chained to an electric cooktop. Hence, the Anolon pans. Et tu?




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  1. Scanpans.
    They are amazing, nonstick, cook very evenly, and pretty much scratch-proof. I have had them for several years and use them every day. Still work great- I’ve heard they last for a very long time. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny.

  2. Ikea’s top line, Favorit, very durable, heavy bottomed. Toughest non-stick skillets I’ve ever encountered. Most pots/pans can share lids. Pots have measurement markings on the sides. Not a budget breaker.

  3. Durable? Heavy bottomed? Is this cookware matchmaking or a dating site? Hi-yoooo.

    I’ll ignore the opportunity to comment on the licentious use of exclamation points in the request…while noting that I use All-Clad and Le Creuset but curious what more accomplished and seasoned skillets think.

  4. I like Calphalon and Le Creuset. As long as you are registering don’t forget knives, plus I have some hand me down cast iron that I use all the time. Get a couple of different size skillets.

  5. A nice big Le Crueset Dutch oven is a must. You can do so many things with it. Fry food, make stews, braise meat, bake bread… I think every house needs one, plus the colors are great. Most of my cookware is Le Crueset. The rest I’m not as particular about the brand as I am the pieces. Non-stick skillets, high-sided saute pans, cast iron skillet, etc.

  6. Mauviel copper cookware, no doubt. There is a reason that every Michelin starred restaurant uses these pans: even heat, great range of sizes, plus they look cool (other than cheesy Top Chef promos no one displays Calphalon pans) Sure it’s expensive but simply the best, and will last a lifetime.

  7. Le Creuset all day. Especially for a gas stove top. They are pricey, but the outlet store in Allen has some incredible deals on second-runs, as does Home Goods occasionally. Definitely worth the extra $$ for a lifetime cooking companion.

  8. For non-stick, I like T-Fal the best. 8″ & 10″.
    You’ve gotta have both 10″ & 12″ well seasoned heavy cast iron pans, for sure! Can’t make good pan fried chicken without them.
    I use a large collection of French Bourgeat stainless steel thick aluminum cored pots and pans for most all my every day cooking.
    All-Clad is pricy but I do have a few pieces bought on sale that are great to use.
    Le Creuset 8″ round Dutch oven courtesy of my late mom. If I didn’t have it, I’d buy the oval shape.
    Staub (French) La Cocotte 6″ round heavy enamel cast iron I got for American Express points. It has those self basting dimples under the lid. It’s heavier than Le Creuset and I love using it.
    And, a 6 quart Cook’s Essentials electric pressure cooker for making amazing chicken soup in under 30 minutes.

  9. I suggest a mix of All-Clad, Le Crueset and Circulon (non-stick) and Lodge (cast iron). Yes, you need a couple of each in various sizes. Complete sets are a waste of money. If you’re really going to cook don’t screw around.

    Also, Shun knives.

  10. Do not purchase any non stick. You can buy the same thing every restaurant uses at Sams or Acemart for $20 and throw it away once a year. For you real cooking:


    or copper that does not tarnish as bad Falk note that Falk actually invented the bonding process that is used for the triplay copper / Stainless

    Now I would also suggest a dutch oven or two. I personally think that staub cookware’s ovens are technically better than Le creuset’s. If i were registering somewhere it would likely be Sur La Table or William Sonoma. They each have a nice variety. Again don’t waist your gifts on non stick. You can purchase non stick trash cheap anywhere.

  11. All Clad all the way. I have a few Le Creuset pieces, but they are handwash only, and they rust if you don’t get all the water spots out! All Clad is amazing – water boils super fast, and they are dishwasher safe. They work so well, that when we first got married, we were burning a lot of our food because we weren’t used to the awesome heat power! But you adjust quickly :)