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Eat This Now: Orzo and Wild Rice Salad With Chicken at The Hospitality Sweet in Dallas

orzo2Full disclosure: while I was researching my review of Start Restaurant I developed an addiction to their quinoa salad. One week, I ate ten of them. I would drive over at lunch and buy two so that I would have one ready for dinner. To avoid detection, I always asked for two forks. Sick right?

Eventually, with the help of my cube mate Krista Nightengale, I slowly cut back my quinoa salad intake. Then The Hospitality Sweet happened. And I discovered their orzo and wild rice salad. I have eaten three of them in the last 24 hours. What’s worse is that The Hospitality Sweet is one block from my desk. It’s a tiny counter service breakfast and lunch spot just inside the doors to the post office on N. Ervay. The $8 fix consists of orzo, dark wild rice, sweet craisins, fresh corn, slivers of almonds, and finely chopped red peppers and carrots. The mixture is tossed lightly in a slightly sweet balsamic dressing which is now all over my keyboard. Buy it so that I can’t.

3 comments on “Eat This Now: Orzo and Wild Rice Salad With Chicken at The Hospitality Sweet in Dallas

  1. This sounds delicious; however, I cannot eat it because they close at 3 and are closed on weekends. Ii walk past there on my way to and from the St. Paul station. Lost business.

  2. I’m having the griled gouda and ham with carmelized onions and a side of the orzo salad right now. Deeeelish!!!! Thanks for the rec, Nancy!

  3. I have to disagree. This place is all semi-homemade. They bring in per-packaged sliced meat, store-bought shredded cheese and other not-so-fresh ingredients and assemble in store. However the baked goods and coffee are superb. Kevin is a genius. The food is subpar.