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Twisted Root is Now Open Inside Downtown Carrollton

photography by Carol Shih
photography by Carol Shih

Hey, Carrolltoners! There’s a new bad boy in downtown Carrollton and his name is Twisted Root. The local burger chain joins the small square of shops and eateries, which also hosts a Babe’s, Agave Azul, and Amici. There’s not much exciting food in this area (let’s be honest), so Twisted Root’s arrival is like the best thing since sliced bread.


11 comments on “Twisted Root is Now Open Inside Downtown Carrollton

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  2. I don’t know why you’re hatin on TR, we think their burgers are great and are stoked to have them in Carrollton. Now we won’t have to drive clear over to Plano. Sure they are comparatively expensive, but there are plenty of cheap pink slime burger purveyors and the like if you want them.

    Carrollton needs more upscale businesses. Westside always missing out on Whole Foods, etc …

  3. Perhaps one of the best burgers. Love the Verde burger. I am not a burger lover by no means but TR, you may have changed that notion. Superb. Some serious flavors.

  4. Perhaps the best burger by far I have eaten that is unique and not like all the other mom and pop and restaurant chain places. I typically steer away from burgers but TR may have changed that notion. Some serious flavor and great, not your typical run of the mill, burger toppers. Superb job, TR.