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Francesco Farris of Zio Cecio Calls Mystery Diners to Bust Employees Selling Secret Tex-Mex Menu

Don't mess with Francesco Farris.
Don’t mess with Francesco Farris.

Did anyone catch Friday night’s episode of Mystery Diners on Food Network? The star of the show was Zio Cecio owner/chef Francesco Farris. He suspected his chef and one of his employees were serving a secret, cash-only Tex-Mex menu on Monday evenings when Farris wasn’t in the restaurant. Apparently the duo was planning to open a Tex-Mex restaurant and they were using Zio Cecio’s kitchen and customers as practice. Farris called Charles Stiles and his crew of undercover diners  to investigate and the employees were busted and fired on camera. The episode, “Menu Mayhem” will run again Wednesday at 10PM. Those employees are lucky Farris called Mystery Diner and not his relatives in Sardinia.