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Vegan and Vegetarian Menus in Dallas

Shannon_BettyGoesVeganHC-234x300Yesterday, my colleague, Krista Knightengale, and I were discussing various vegan-and-vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Dallas. She has a Dallas friend who is a vegan and her friend complains about the lack of options in area restaurants. I’m neither but I pay attention to every menu I read and make note of places with vegan/vegetarian options. I feel that a lot of restaurants are making an effort to include options on their menu; Krista says “not so much.”

As an example, I pointed to the menu at Peak & Elm which is where we were lunching. On the back, there were several choices with a note “more vegan and vegetarian options coming soon.” A Tex-Mex restaurant with vegan options? I say that’s progress. I’d love to hear what you’ve spotted out there. Do you see listings on menu? I mean good ones, not just a cruddy salad or plate of steamed vegetables. (BTW, I am retiring the word “veggie” from my vocabulary. Over it.)