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City Council Relinquishes Control Over the Dallas Farmers Market, Pecan Lodge Might Move Out

On the front page of the Dallas Morning News today, right above the fold, is a story about the Dallas Farmers Market that’s going to change what we now know as downtown Dallas. Scott Reitz of the Observer has written extensively on this topic before (it’s almost a mini novel; set aside some time to read it), so it’s not news that City Hall has sold the Dallas Farmers Market to DF Market Holdings for $3.2 million dollars. Earlier this week, though, the transaction became official.

Changes and renovations might start as early as this winter. Shed 3 and 4 are getting demolished to make room for new apartments, and the city will still be taking over Shed 1, which is “scheduled to have some 60 booths, or twice the current number of spaces,” says Robert Wilonsky. Shed 2, which houses the line-crazy Pecan Lodge, is also getting some work done. But, according to owner Justin Fourton, Pecan Lodge might not remain at the Dallas Farmers Market. He’s been on the prowl for a new space since last year. From the DMN:

Jack Gosnell, a partner in UCR, a nationwide retail leasing and management company, said the new operators are hoping to create an “autonomous retail venture that can be its own entity for a while” in front of Shed 2.

“We’ve said to Justin, ‘Why would you abandon where everyone knows you and you’ve got a line 200 miles long? Let us fix it for you,’” he said. “We think we can save him. Pecan Lodge is an anchor for us.”

Lines are great for businesses, but don’t feel so great on all of our calves. It might not be such a bad idea to move out of Shed 2, Pecan Lodge.