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Patrizio in Fort Worth Location Shutters. Staff Removes Valuables After Closing.

Earlier today, I received an email from an anonymous source. The person is obviously on the inside of Ed Bailey’s business at Patrizo. He/she writes:

“As I am sure you are aware, the Fort Worth location has officially closed.  On Thursday late night; Cristy Rather, Ryan Carbery  and others emptied the store of any and all objects of value.  This overnight run on the restaurant was all behind the back of the landlord, as the company broke yet another lease agreement.”

I emailed the note to Ken Kuczwaj, Patrizio’s Vice President of Brand Development. He replies:

 “Sounds like that’s a sour ex-employees version. The store is closed. We couldn’t continue to lose money due to low sales and high rent.”

UPDATE: Kuczwaj sends a follow-up email:

“I am disappointed to see your headlines regarding Cristy and Ryan’s involvement in as you do delicately put it “staff swipes valuables.” For the record only food and wine and liquor was taken.  All FFEs were left intact. I suggest you really check your sources before you print such derogatory comments towards rather and Carbery.”

For the record: I sent Kuczwaj the copy of this post in my original email. I have tempered the headline.