Campisi’s Egyptian Undergoes Face lift

Jeanne "My Sweet Charity" Prejean takes a picture.
Jeanne “My Sweet Charity” Prejean takes a picture.

Timmy just called to say he drove past Campisi’s Egyptian and the restaurant was surrounded by wire fences and there were tractors surrounding the building. Could they be tearing down the icon Italian restaurant that opened in 1946? Ever the diligent reporter, I called GM David Campisi and left a message. Then I posted the question on Facebook and received several comments saying they were undergoing a remodel and expanding their parking lot. I’m sure I’ll win a Pulitzer for my diligence. Developing.

Update: David “All Things Campisi” Campisi just called with details. “We have owned a warehouse behind that building for years,” Campisi said. “We are tearing down the warehouse and the porte cochere next to it and are adding 50 parking spaces. Once that is complete (6 weeks) we are going to restore the original club inside back to its Prohibition day decor. Also, we are renovating the middle dining room and the Joe’s dining room (space to the left of front door) and adding booths and juke boxes.” The restaurant is open for business.

“We never close,” Campisi says. “My grandfather always told us, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’”


13 comments on “Campisi’s Egyptian Undergoes Face lift

  1. Okay, look. When I called Nancy, I told her, “I must be wrong. I was half asleep when I drove by the place on my way to work. But I looked over my shoulder and thought, ‘Holy cow. No way are they tearing down Campisi’s.’ This needs to be fact checked, but it sure looked to me like they were tearing it down.”

    They are NOT tearing it down. They’re tearing down the building next to the Campisi’s parking lot. The white structure in the center of this picture:

  2. well TImmy, you were right. They are redoing the inside after they do the parking lot.

  3. For your readers in the (817) Campisi’s is now open in their Camp Bowie location. Ate lunch there a few weeks ago. Yum!

  4. Sorry to be the messenger David, but that food you serve? It IS broken, and it DEFINITELY needs fixing! The pasta is at best mediocre, the sauces are horrid, and yes the pizza is at least edible with decent crust. Really tho, who the heck uses canned mushrooms on a $15 pizza other than you?

  5. Yes, even the pizza is broken, often with much to much salt. Canned mushrooms? Why anyone serves them with anything puzzles me, though the terribly overrated Marco’s uses them, too.

  6. I love campisis is for what it is but you are correct. Any dish with chicken or seafood is not so great, and they are unreliable in their consistency. Even the salad dressing sometimes its oily and sometimes its vinegary. With that said, if I want a (hopefully) vinegary salad with salami flat bread with cheese or a saucy red sauce lasagna (which I often do) nothing beats campisis.

  7. I like the restaurant as many people do. I am happy to hear they are adding parking spaces. I live very close to the place and never go there because of the parking situation.

  8. I’m on the side of the people that hate Campisi’s food. It really is terrible! Campisi’s would never make it in NY or LA. But, this is Dallas and you can’t fault success. I know David Campisi and he’s done an amazing job as their general manager.

  9. Best Pizza I have ever had. Great crust, get it all the way! Please preserve our favorite Egyptian lounge!

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  11. Couldn’t agree more I have never understood peoples obsession with this place. For my money the best Pizza in town is Sal’s on Maple st. you know it’s good if the Cops eat there. LOL!

  12. Just so you know, sir, the curb appeal has long been broken … I hope you are spending some of your investment to change the broadly held perspective that yes, some of this is broken.