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Campisi’s Egyptian Undergoes Face lift

Jeanne "My Sweet Charity" Prejean takes a picture.
Jeanne “My Sweet Charity” Prejean takes a picture.

Timmy just called to say he drove past Campisi’s Egyptian and the restaurant was surrounded by wire fences and there were tractors surrounding the building. Could they be tearing down the icon Italian restaurant that opened in 1946? Ever the diligent reporter, I called GM David Campisi and left a message. Then I posted the question on Facebook and received several comments saying they were undergoing a remodel and expanding their parking lot. I’m sure I’ll win a Pulitzer for my diligence. Developing.

Update: David “All Things Campisi” Campisi just called with details. “We have owned a warehouse behind that building for years,” Campisi said. “We are tearing down the warehouse and the porte cochere next to it and are adding 50 parking spaces. Once that is complete (6 weeks) we are going to restore the original club inside back to its Prohibition day decor. Also, we are renovating the middle dining room and the Joe’s dining room (space to the left of front door) and adding booths and juke boxes.” The restaurant is open for business.

“We never close,” Campisi says. “My grandfather always told us, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’”