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Second Off-Site Kitchen Going in at Trinity Groves

Nick Badovinus just emailed the news. He’s opening a second location of Off-Site Kitchen in “the blue building on Singleton” in the fall. He says he’s glad to be back in business with Phil Romano, co-owner of Trinity Groves. Romano gave Badovinus his first job as an executive chef at the ill-fated We/Oui or was it Oui/We? I don’t really know. I wasn’t even born then.

9 comments on “Second Off-Site Kitchen Going in at Trinity Groves

  1. greatness of Off-Site Kitchen + greatness of Trinity Groves = total greatness!

  2. not really, Trinity Groves is going after the same customer who is going to the OSK on Irving Blvd.
    that being said, with the limited no. of parking spots at the Irving Blvd. location, and the lines that stretch out the door most lunchtimes, opening another seems to make sense, and they might both do the volumes to stay open.

  3. What exactly is the “greatness of Trinity Groves”? Haven’t seen or felt anything close to that myself.

  4. It is going to be a really big, really World Class food court. And that expensive PVC bridge has to go somewhere.

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