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4 comments on “Food Feedback Friday

  1. Tasted lots of great food this week, thanks to you! Had a great time at the D Magazine 100 Best Restaurants Party on Wednesday night, and all of the food was dee-lish. Especially sticking out was Chris Ward’s 48-hour short rib, Abacus’ Venison something-something, and the lovely gals that Nick had passing out shrimp and Jonah Crab cocktails in mini-martini glasses, Seeing John Tesar plating sashimi bites with Teich on one side and Bruno D on the other side … Cane Russo pizzas and Brian Luscher’s hot dogs and Pecan Lodge’s brisket … it was, how should I say this …. All Good. Mahalo to Nancy and her crew. Yum.

  2. All I did this week was have lunch (again) at The Slow Bone. Their brisket is as luscious as Pecan Lodge’s brisket but, The Slow Bone has much better sides. And, those great hushpuppies they serve……..

  3. Ocho Kitchen and Cocktails has to be the worst meal I’ve had this year. It was Luke warm , flavorless, and even the margaritas were bad. Very disappointing.

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