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SideDish Wins Best E-Newsletter!

This is their happy face.
This is their happy face.

Tim and Zac have been off frolicking in Atlanta these past few days for the City Regional Magazine Association awards banquet. Last night, on behalf of the D team, they accepted two top honors: General Excellence for D Magazine in our circulation category (huge deal) and best e-newsletter in the country for SideDish. We beat out publications like Atlanta Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine for this spot. Insane!

SideDishers, this calls for a huge celebration. How about signing up for our newsletter? (There’s a little widget in the top right corner of this page that says SUBSCRIBE.) Or you could join us at our 100 Best Restaurants Party tomorrow? Nancy has a huge surprise waiting for you guys…

Back on topic: This award goes to all the awesome people who make sure our newsletter looks PERFECT before it goes out every week. Thank you to Nancy for your eagle eyes and awesomeness, web editor Jason Heid for fixing all my copy errors and headlines, Ricky Ferrer for his design and being patient even when I screw things up, Melissa Chowning, Lauren Cureton, and – most importantly of all – Enya.

Thank you for that song you wrote for Lord of the Rings. Couldn’t have done the April 24 newsletter without ya.