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Private Social Goes Under the Knife Again: Changing Menu From Modernist to “Awesome Texas Food”

The saga of Private Social continues. The trendy restaurant on McKinney that opened in September 2011 is already going for its third concept. According to the eagle-eyed Whitney Filloon on Eater, Private Social, recently renamed P|S, will showcase an Awesome Texas Food menu next week.  Opening chef Tiffany Derry stepped out in January and talented chef  Najat Kaanache, who studied under modernist chefs such as Ferran Adria, Thomas Keller, and Grant Achatz, took center stage.

I can’t imagine she will stick around to do awesome things with Texas food. Somebody needs to back her in a Moroccan restaurant. Remember our conversation about restaurant names? I think Private Social is a good example of a bad name. It was too insidery and confusing. P|S certainly didn’t translate either. They should ditch the whole idea of the name and call it Awesome Texas Food.