Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Bachelorette Party in Dallas

Bachelorette parties still exist? I guess so. Listen to this gal. She’s looking for trouble.

I am planning my sister’s bachelorette party and need some good after-party spots in Dallas. Most of the girls (15 in all) are still in school so are poor, so preferably places with cheap drinks and cheap/no cover. Is there anything like Austin’s 6th street in Dallas??? Bar-hopping would be fun but we don’t want to be driving from place to place.

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  1. The Loon (the ultimate dive bar) has cheap drinks and so does quarter bar – but they’re not very close to each other! Idle Rich & Black Friar are closer together but drinks aren’t quite as cheap –

  2. Where would you go in Denton? That’s a definite possibility.

  3. We’d love to throw our name in the hat. We’re a New Orleans-themed bar in Uptown. Great drink specials every night, pool table/games to play including a life-sized Connect Four game and a NEW photo booth! We’d love to have you in to celebrate! 3301 McKinney at Hall in Dallas.

  4. Only go to Denton if you want to have a bad time.

    Go off McKinney or Henderson Avenue. Both locations have several bars that are relatively cheap and don’t charge covers. Wear low cut tops and you won’t have to buy any drinks at all.

  5. I’ve thrown a bachelorette party or two and McKinney Avenue is such an easy spot. You can have dinner at Coal Vines to start (pizza to share is inexpensive, good for a group), then make your way down McKinney Avenue – Idle Rich, Quarter Bar, Black Friar, MAT, Christies, The Loon, etc. You can walk from bar to bar playing a bachelorette game at each one. You can even hop on the trolley (free) until 10pm if you don’t want to walk.
    I’m sure they’re not the cheapest bars in town, but you can easily drink beers/shots for a reasonable amount of money.

    Have fun!