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My Five Cents: How Many Times a Week Do You Eat Sushi in Dallas

Do you do this every day?
Do you do this every day?

I’ve been doing some work behind the scenes updating our restaurant directory. We have a bazillion Japanese/Sushi restaurants in our files. There are almost as many burger joints. I have to wonder: Do you people eat sushi every night? If not, give me an average of how many meals a week you eat sushi.

13 comments on “My Five Cents: How Many Times a Week Do You Eat Sushi in Dallas

  1. At least three times a week when my favorite sushi restaurant is open – right now closed due to a fire. So, it is now to TJ’s for unbelievably wonderful seafood and service.

  2. I eat Sushi at least once a week. I have however gone on a Sushi bender and had Sushi for lunch and dinner every night for a week.

  3. I am in Joeats camp. Ate at least weekly at Oishii for sushi and maybe once or twice a month at Yutaka. Since the fire it is about 3 visits a month split between Yutaka and Tei An, though at Tei An the sushi is only part of the dinner.

  4. I normally eat sushi 3-4 times per week! I love to try new places, but right now I’m stuck on Naan’s & of course Blue Fish in Addison, Zato’s in Dallas, Sushi Yama in Dallas.

  5. Ahhhh….sushi: I would eat it every day, especially at KU Sushi in Preston-Forest. But alas…
    there’re also time and money. So, I usually manage to eat it about once a week but long for
    it every day…

  6. Once or twice, if I’m lucky. I’m very picky about where I eat sushi, though–as we all should be!