8 comments on “Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Hot Springs, Arkansas

  1. McClard’s BBQ- prepare for a line.
    Home Plate Diner- Great Breakfast in Hot Springs Village(it’s a little drive, but afterwards, you can spend a day at the lake)

    Good restaurants are scarce in Hot Springs :(

  2. McClard’s BBQ is famous, Stubby’s less so–and both are great, IMO–but it is NOT Texas barbecue. Should you go, adjust your expectations accordingly. The Pancake Shop on Central is great for breakfast; get the sausage instead of the bacon. The Ohio Club is a great bar that has great bar food–best onion rings I’ve ever had. Try Rolando’s Nuevo Latino. Bleu Monkey Grill is a chain wannabe but popular. If none of this works, there’s always the Cracker Barrel or Chick-Fil-A. Godspeed!

  3. I forgot about McClard’s..Yes! Tim wrote about it. I’ve added the link above. Thanks.

  4. Colorado Grill — great Tex-Mex. Then over to Capone’s Ohio Club for a distilled dessert and the best live music. But if you prefer Pub Grub skip the Colorado; Capone’s serves a good pub menu.

  5. Thought I’d add a few more places on the south side, the lake area. Fisherman’s Wharf – iced beer mugs and a patio literally on the lake (fish food sold from a dispenser) were perfect for just getting off the road. Food good, broccoli salad, sweet potato fries, NY strip all standouts. The English Muffin for breakfast if you like an open griddle and the chef working front and center. Everything was excellent, except the corned beef hash was magnificent. House made, large chunky pieces of tender beef griddled with a dark, crisp shell exterior. Hacienda for Mexican, homemade salsas, homemade tortillas (both white and yellow corn), beans so good I ate both mine and my spouses. This was not Tex Mex style, no gooey cheeses or sauces, yet it wasn’t Mexican Mexican either. All three restaurants are on highway 7, south of 270 loop.

    If you drive north and happen to be near Russellville, DO NOT MISS Feltons Whattabuger across from Arkansas Tech. Great burgers, homemade fried pies, but order the small fry, it’s plenty for two to share.