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Mangled Metal Shaft in Smoker Causes The Slow Bone to Close

jackDay number one for The Slow Bone was going great until one of the employees overloaded the smoker. “Yeah, he loaded it wrong,” said owner Jack Perkins. “All of the meat fell inside and when the next rack came around it got caught and the shaft kept turning and the whole thing became mangled metal.” The repairman is on the way and, according to Perkins, it only takes a few hours to fix.”Perkins says:  “As long as we can load it up by 4PM today we’ll be fine for tomorrow.”

He has meat left over from yesterday but he refuses to sell it. Instead he is giving away free mangled metal sandwiches starting at 11AM today. Yes, FREE sandwiches. Just look for the confused guy in the red apron standing in the parking lot.