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How Much do You Spend on Coffee Everyday?

I was talking with a friend of mine who buys three or four “cups” of fancy coffee every day. When I say fancy, I mean a latte from Starbuck’s, an espresso from Pearl Cup, or macchiato from Oddfellow’s, not a paper cup of Folger’s at 7-11.

We did some quick math: He spends roughly $14 a day on coffee, not including the change he tossed in the tip jar. That’s roughly $100 a week. Stay with me: $400 a month. Ready for the reveal? About $4,800 a year. Say he’s in the 20 percent income bracket: He needs to make $6,000 a year to pay for his coffee. The obvious rant here is whether or not the coffee he consumes is Fairtrade certified coffee which, loosely defined, is ethically controlled to ensure everyone in the chain—farmers to consumers—is treated fairly.

Today I’m just curious: How much money do you spend a day on coffee?