FT33 Hosts Memorial Dinner for Randall Copeland

SupperInviteRevise.FinalOn Sunday April 14th,  a memorial dinner in honor of Randall “Big Cat” Copeland will be held at FT33 at 6 p.m. In the weeks leading up to Copeland’s passing, Chef Matt McCallister had been planning a dinner with Copeland. McCallister has decided to go through with the dinner, and has asked some of Copeland’s closest friends to join in honoring one of our city’s most loved chefs.
Special chefs and friends of Big Cat include: Adam West, Bryan Coonrod (DJ), Cody Sharp (makin’ biscuits), David Uygur, Graham Dodds, Jeff Harris, Katherine Clapner, Kyle Hilla (bartending), Matt McCallister, Nathan Tate, Scott Romano, Spencer Shelton (bartending), Stephan Pyles and Steve Doyle (emcee).
Tickets are $100 per person, and proceeds will go to Copeland’s family. For reservations, please call 214.741.2629.