Twinkies are Back! A Billionaire Buys the Hostess Brand

Bradford Pearson over on FrontBurner has been following the Twinkie story very closely since the beginning of Hostess’ dissolution. The evidence? Here, here, here, here, here, and oh, here. (Your theories about his Twinkie obsession are as good as mine.) The latest news on the Hostess front: they’ve been bought. By a billionaire. This means their snacks are back foreverrrrrrr.

6 comments on “Twinkies are Back! A Billionaire Buys the Hostess Brand

  1. Carol’s post is hilarious and I credit Twinkies’ resurrection to Bradford Pearson.

  2. SO, who cares about the Twinkies! Were the Hostess Cupcakes bought too!? Theirs were the best of all the brands that makes similiar ones!

  3. I was never a great fan of Hostess’ Twinkies and other Hostess “pastry” products.

    But, I was a great fan of the Drake’s products. I grew up with Devil Dogs, Yankee Doodles, and their iconic Crumb Cake. But the quality suffered after Hostess bought the brand many years ago and fiddled with the original recipes.