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Out-of-Town Barbecue Joint Looking for Space in Dallas

Photo by Elizabeth Lavin.

Elizabeth Lavin, D Magazine’s staff photographer, was out of town yesterday. She was eating barbecue and chatting with the owner of the place. She sent this picture with a message: “They are deciding now on a Dallas location.” The joint already has a small footprint in the area, but a their business plan calls for a huge hoof mark soon.

16 comments on “Out-of-Town Barbecue Joint Looking for Space in Dallas

  1. If it is Salt Lick, does this mean we get the billboards that say “You Can Smell Our Pits from Miles Away!” ?

  2. Please ! Please !! Pretty please with BBQ sauce on top Salt Lick .. If you do come to Dallas, don’t go to Uptown or some other BS place like it … Go to a central location with good access and parking where your BBQ can be enjoyed and frequently visited by all of the Dallas and surrounding suburbs population.

  3. Primarily because their meats are not truly smoked for hours on end like all the true BBQ havens in central Texas.
    They’re cooked over an open flame. Albeit, slowly.

    Consequently, their meats and ribs lack the depth of flavor and tenderness of true BBQ that central Texas is famous for.

  4. I agree they are not that good compared to other places in central texas.
    That being said, I’d go there 10 times more than Sonny Bryan or Dickey

  5. In 2007 or 2008, Salt Lick announced it would open at Joe Pool Lake and confirmed that intention at the end of 2010, but I haven’t heard anything since that time. Maybe they’re finally ready to move to that location? It’s supposed to be across from one of the marinas.

    County Line opened on Lake Ray Hubbard a few years ago, but didn’t survive. The building is now a Flying Saucer.

  6. I think this is Salt Lick. So maybe they are ready to come to Big D but I wish they would put one in Arlington!

  7. I say Salt Lick hope they do come this way and put one in a small town close to Arlington area
    rather to Big D