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SideDish on TV Audition: Nicole Horne’s Dallas Dish

She’s a lawyer and asks that we don’t hold that against her. Here is the swing and the pitch:

I love food- plain and simple. From discovering new places in Dallas to trying new recipes in my own kitchen, my passion is food. Additionally, I love encouraging people to order outside of the box. While many people in Dallas consider themselves foodies, I believe there are an equal number who are intimidated by some of the items on restaurant menus. Food is an adventure- and I want to help others discover how great the journey can be! On Dallas Dish we would explore all that the DFW food scene has to offer, while also making seemingly unapproachable choices less intimidating. I want Dallas Dish to be a place for the inner foodie in everyone!

When I was little, my dad once told me that he always tried something different when he went to a restaurant. Since then, that has been my eating philosophy. My Mamaw is German, so my childhood afternoons were spent eating liverwurst sandwiches, schnitzel, spaetzle, and sausages- opening my palate to a new world. I grew up in northwest Louisiana, but have travelled to Ireland, England, Italy, Greece, France, and Mexico. I love fine dining at its best, but nothing beats an amazing hamburger or a dressed hot dog!

Let’s hear it for Nicole.