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SideDish on TV Audition: Jess and Tarin of Fullosophie

fullosophie_133Jess and Tarin of Fullosophie, a gourmet ‘farm to fork’ food service in Dallas, don’t have a video, but they have an interesting website and pitch. Here goes:

 We want to create a show “Dishing with Dallas.”  The show would be ourselves meeting up with the biggest chefs/restaurateurs/foodies in Dallas, having them show us their top 3 picks around town for food/drink, and then go back to their restaurant/home where, over a few libations, they would show us how to make something they love. Throughout the course of the show we’d get them to ‘dish’ about themselves personally and professionally, allowing the viewer to get to know these ‘celebrities’ on a more personal level and seeing the Dallas food world from the eyes of the professionals. Cocktails, wine, and cute girls have a way of getting people to dish about topics they wouldn’t normally do and that makes for a dynamite television combination.

Let’s hear it for Jess and Tarin.