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SideDish on TV Audition: Neysa Osborne and Food Trends of 2013

Today marks day ten of my campaign to pursue Wick Allison to put SideDish on TV. I’ve put out a call to anyone interested in hosting their own show. So far, we’ve viewed five contenders. You can watch their audition tapes below the one I present now.

Meet Neysa Osborne:

Neysa Osborne, cookbook connoisseur and aspiring author, works by day as a Independent Corporate Insurance Broker. She grew up in small town Virginia as a high school athlete before attending a university in Tennessee and graduating with a double major in Health Science and Management. Neysa grew up living a ranching life style and as an adult has continued to surrounding herself with horses and cattle and ranching. Her passion for cooking leads her to seek out all of the newest and trendiest restaurants and find all of the latest kitchen tools and gadgets. In addition to cooking and reviewing cookbooks, traveling and golfing are favorite pastimes. Neysa is also in the process of starting a new foundation in honor of her niece, which will be called the Sheena V Foundation, to benefit childhood cancer research and indigent Native American Indians.

Let’s hear it for Neysa!

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