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SideDish on TV Audition: Revisiting Dallas With Nathan Brown

Last week, I started a campaign to get SideDish on TV. So far, That Sports Girl Gina Miller, has thrown in her two cents and we’ve published not onetwo , or three, four, we are now up to five.

Today, we introduce Nathan Brown. His tape was sent to me by his producer (impressive!), Kevin Huckabee. Here’s the swing and the pitch:

Hello Nancy, I’m Kevin Huckabee, producer for “Revisiting Dallas with Nathan Brown”. I have an interesting story. Last year, a good friend of mine named Nathan Brown and I put forth an effort to produce a series about re-defining Dallas by exploring the new culture of young restaurants, pubs, and businesses and departing from the old encrusted cowboy, southern stereotypes. The truth is,Dallas is the number two growing city to live and that is attributed to our acceptance of change and diversification. Please take a look at the treatment I put together for the show and if you like the idea lets take the necessary steps to get it off the ground as a program for the new D-TV concept. Thank you.

If you would like to star on SideDish on TV, email a bio and video clip. Now, put your hands together for Nathan Brown.