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SideDish on TV Audition: Meika Johnson

Last Monday I started a campaign to get SideDish on TV. So far, That Sports Girl Gina Miller, has thrown in her two cents and we’ve published not one, but two audition tapes for potential hosts.

Today our third audition tape comes from Meika Johnson. You may have seen Meika on TV before. She recently appeared on the Dallas edition of Bobby Flay’s new show Bobby’s Dinner Battle.

Let’s here it for Meika:

I am super excited about the development of D-TV and even more excited for the opportunity to be a part of it. I am a true foodie. I love cooking, sharing recipes and taking pictures of foods.  I put together this quick one minute video to show you my show idea. I’d love to share more with you, so please feel free to contact me if your are interested. I hope you like it.

4 comments on “SideDish on TV Audition: Meika Johnson

  1. What is the concept again? And I would disqualify anyone else who doesn’t know better than filming portrait.

  2. She’s cute, I’d watch her all day any day. So are you looking for a host that can double as a camera guy too? If not then the V.V.S. (vertical video syndrome) is not a B.F.D. (big “freaking” deal).

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