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How Much Do You Spend on a Bottle of Wine?

If you are a wine drinker, I’d like to know your level of knowledge of wine: casual connoisseur (CC), I-know-more-than-Pinot-Merlot (IKMTPM), or I-wannabe-a-master-sommelier-when-I-grow-up (IWBMSWIGU).  I’d also love to the average price you pay for a bottle of wine you consume at home. Thanks.

31 comments on “How Much Do You Spend on a Bottle of Wine?

  1. I could be any of the above … but in general I look at wines between $10 to $20 or so. Some of the best start in this range … but I’ve also been known to indulge, especially when it comes to bubbly. My most recent discovery (thanks to this blog) is the Nicollas Feuillatte Palmes d’Or at about $120/btl … It is pricey, but about the best champagne I’ve ever tasted… Cristal and Grand Dame included … and a gorgeous bottle too.

  2. CC: not more than $12 for everyday wine… maybe $15 average over all wine purchases for home (6x$12 + 1x$35)/7.

  3. Does red vs. white make a difference? It’s easy to get a satisfactory Pinot Grigio for far less than a decent Chardonnay, oui?

  4. IKMTPM It depends on the occasion for me too. If it is a normal dinner with a bottle (or 2) of wine, I usually spend $10 to 20, unless there is a sale. If it is a special occasion or party of my fellow winos, then I may spend $30 to 40 for the first bottles and then go back down for subsequent bottles of the same varietal.

  5. I’m somewhere between IKMTPM and IWBMSWIGU. 80% of my purchases for home are $10-20, 15% are $20-50 and 5% are $50-150. I love trolling discounted wine websites to get great deals, and I love it when Sigel’s runs one of their Restaurant Inventory Clearance Sales … I’ve picked up most of my gems from those events.

  6. IAMF
    Lately, going through a loot of wine – so on hand is always under $10 Bordeaux – a decent one is Chateau Bois Redon Bordeaux Superieur (it’s $8! and you’d be surprised whom among my pals also enjoy this one)
    You can find nice Cotes du Rhone Blanc in the $10-15 range – I also try lots of White Burgundy in the $12-20 range – looking for a gem. $12-20 Pinot Gris. $14ish for Alto-Adige.
    Sparkling: there are fine Gruet offerings for $13-20, then Jose Dhondt Blanc de Blancs Champagne WAY too good at around $50.
    Then it goes insane from there – but if you have a daily habit, you can blissfully at $15 and below.

  7. Nancy

    I think I qualify for all three but one of the greatest things about my path to more wine knowledge is that the more I learn about the great wines of the world the less money my wife and I spend on a bottle. That being said our range retail is $10-$100 ( excluding mailing list offerings ) and at a restaurant normally under $75 but love to find the great deal at both at the lowest price point. Normally it can be the most interesting like something from Greece, Spain, Austria or the Languedoc.

  8. CC – Ranges from Segura Viudas (~$5.50 @ Spec’s!!) to $30-40 for our Oregon wine club bottles. I’d say the average bottle comes in around $15, though

  9. IKMTPM – $8 to $12 for dry reds unless Jimmy’s is having a sale, and then $4 to $8.

  10. I try to keep weekday wine under $15, but special occasions or fantastic bottle design might get me closer to the $40 mark.

  11. As a fellow wine professional, I would echo Brandan Kelley’s comments. I’m usually in the $10-$20 range for everyday wines. Spain and southern France are my go-to spots for value, and Tuscany is always a favorite. I will go to the $40-$50 level at home for something really special.

  12. Same as Brandan & Heather here. $10-20 for everyday, $20-35 on the weekends, and more for special occasions. Dallas is way behind NYC & SF when it comes to selection of cool stuff for <$20, but some local stores are starting to bring in more of them. Check out Domaine Wines on Oak Lawn for a good selection from Louis-Dressner & other quirky importers.

  13. Sunday – Tuesday Wine – $5 – $15
    Wednesday – Thursday Wine – $10 – $30
    Friday – Saturday Wine – $10 – $120
    Quiet Time Alone Drinking Wine or Boisterous Night With Friends Drinking Wine – Priceless

  14. IKMTPM – I drink Sauv. Blanc, Torrontes, and Viognier – can get good ones for 8 – 12
    My husband likes reds – will splurge on a great Italian Brunello – $50+
    on the other hand you can get a nice Mark West Pinot for $7.50 at Total wine

  15. Timing… Pinot Gris is the topic tonight at Michael Flynn’s Wine Chat at The Mansion, Good stuff.

  16. Also a pro, so IWBMSWIGU… I might bump to 18 as an average. That being said, I also take advantage of closeouts and clearance sales to stock up, and the knowledge I do have is pretty useful in getting the max value out of that 18 bucks anyway. When I pay for wine, that is (Yeah, the perks are good)

  17. Chardonnay. I confess to scouring the choices under $10 for a new favorite. Avant by Kendall Jackson has been growing on me, I’m liking it’s zesty flavor the more I try it.

  18. “Five Buck” Chuck
    Love your wine-by-the-weekday chart:
    Sunday – Tuesday Wine – $5 – $15
    Wednesday – Thursday Wine – $10 – $30
    Friday – Saturday Wine – $10 – $120
    Quiet Time Alone Drinking Wine or Boisterous Night With Friends Drinking Wine – Priceless

    So why is Sunday Plonk Day at your place?

    I also like the mentions of close out sales..I still have a couple of nice bottles I bought for a song (“Spill the Wine”) at Sigel’s. And paying cash (5% discount) at Spec’s does add up. Good stuff all.

  19. Sunday is actually leftover day! But if there is nothing else and I have no energy or creativity left, I can go to Central Market and pick up Blackstone Merlot for $5.97. Not my fav but not oppressive either. I can’t tell you why but people in Dallas (maybe not Disher’s though) love this wine! This was fun – thanks and keep up the good work!

  20. IKMTPM

    $25 +
    Depends on what I am confronted with at the time of purchase. I have been stockpiling for some time with bottles in the $75+ range but usually spend far less.