24 comments on “Somebody Help This Blog: SideDish Gets a Makeover

  1. More reviews, fewer press releases. Less pandering to readers who can somehow manage to read your blog but are unable to search the Internet for a restaurant or chocolate cake. More follow up stories, like what ever happened to the Honduran Mi Cocino? Edit function would be nice.

  2. I would love to be able to search just Sidedish to find your reviews and references to a particular
    restaurant, and not the whole D site. Sometimes I remember you mentioned a place and then can’t find it.

  3. Update / weed out your blog roll. Some of those haven’t been updated in 2 years. Oh. Wait! Now that I look, it is missing??!!

  4. Darren, I killed the blog roll. Finally. And it will not appear on new site. Tejasmom, currently you can search SideDish by clicking on the review tag (or any of the other category tags on the right side of this page. If I review a restaurant, it is tagged review. If the post is about cupcakes, you can search there as well. Thanks for bringing that up. I will make it more clear in the future. Primi, I agree on the follow up stories and I hate to tell you that when it isn’t done, it is because I don’t have time. I am just being honest. Of course it depends on the story, but following up stories takes a lot of time. Press releases are necessary evils. They do provide information that is useful. I actually like the fact that people write to SideDish to find chocolate cake…it shows they value the opinions of SD readers over a general search. More reviews are planned for new SD. As budgets grow, reviews grow. Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Since you mentioned it….

    Where is the best place to get CHEAP chocolate cake? I don’t want to have to dress up or valet park or eat a fancy steak first. I just want a good slice of cheap chocolate cake in the middle of the afternoon along with a glass of milk.

  6. Since it was brought up…

    Where is the best place to get a cheap but awesome slice of chocolate cake? I don’t want to valet park, dress up, make a reservation, or have a fancy steak too? I just want good cheap cake and a glass of milk.

  7. Content-wise it’s certainly WAY above average. That only leave formatting. If you want my opinion on that, your blog must really be hurting.

  8. A quick list to reference of new restaurants in the metroplex worth trying and list of the top 100 or so restaurants in town

  9. I reallyy enjoyed your new openings notices and reviews of course. would like more fresh content. Maybe I missed it but wish you would follow up more with feedback Friday.

    Also would like to see more interviews. Also maybe something related to cheap eats every week.

    Thanks for the hard work you all put in too. I really appreciate the work you do and that you all are so recpetive

  10. I’d like to echo Chris’ comments thanking you for all the work you put into this. It’s obviously a labor of love. You can never have enough mini-reviews, and a “Best of” list of links is always nice.

    Might want to consider doing some trade with your restaurant advertisers in the form of gift certficates and have occasional contests for readers (identify this dish/restaurant, review/photo rewards).

  11. I confess a love of the DMN surveys that are on the side of their website. Only 3 questions, less than 20 seconds to click and complete, results on the voting are immediately available after you finish. I think it’s a great way to find subjects that are trending with diners as well.

  12. Chrisjlee, thanks for your thanks. and input. what do you mean by follow up on FFFriday? We did a cheap eats column a few years ago and will do so again.

  13. The gift certificate giveaway is a slippery slope for me but Carol likes to do it. Carol, are you listening to The Guy?