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9 comments on “Bailey’s Prime Plus on Park Lane is Closed

  1. Why should anyone be surprised about this. Nothing wrong with being successful in one market (fast food) and making the transition into sit-down service but … to think that you can take over the world in five years or less with fast food mentality in more upscale F&B operations is a business model that is destined for failure if you don’t have the right team and think that you know more about the biz than the pros you hire.

  2. This was a doomed operation from the start. During my 2 year run as booking agency for (all 4 of their) locations, they ran off every good Mgr. they ever hired after only a few months, and generally treated all of their employees like minimum wage fast food workers. Never was I so happy to lose a client as I was the day they let me go!!

  3. Ain’t that the truth Art! Noticed an obvious malaise the first time I walked in the place, and not the kind of vibe you want when opening a multi-million dollar chophouse. Also find it peculiar that the defunct Bailey’s website is now pointed to Patrizio(same owner), and basic marketing instincts would inform me not to point the bankrupt business to the functioning operation.

  4. I thought the company was bad enough with Gundy and Bailey but Bailey is such a blow hard he can’t even find his own ass. Oh! He has found his ass. Ken Kurcwaj and Mark Lindberg and Cristy Rather! Bunch of frickin’crooks. Hopefully KK &ML will take a bunch if Baileys $$ too.Btw, anyone at corporate do a backround check on these asswipes!???

  5. Thank you Art I completely agree…I worked there myself and I know you and spoke with you almost weekly but I am not going to post here who I am. They ran every good employee off. If you said the wrong thing or upset the wrong person you were gone in no time. Didn’t even matter if you were in the right. Karma definately found it’s way that’s for sure.